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Interactive map of asylum seeker flow to European countries

First click on the picture – it will take you to the interactive map. Each moving point on the map represents 25 people. Only a small fraction of refugees fleeing their homes make it to Europe.┬áHover over countries to show … Continue reading

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Christianity is proclaiming the good news. Then why are so many Christians unhappy?

Why it is important to face this question is because we are living in a pragmatic age. People of today are less interested in truth, and more in results. And they ask – does Christianity work? Well. Does it? Many … Continue reading

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Darkness on the edge of town

THE LAST RAYS OF THE SUN are closing in on the Soukka beach in Espoo, Finland at 15.18pm on December 2014. The sea is covered with a thin ice. I hate the winter darkness. Not the winter but the darkness. … Continue reading

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