DisIntegration Experiences: 3

I convey my journey in countries and societies, based on my perspective and only my own experiences. I encourage you to contribute, ask questions and offer your own views. This platform is not complete without your contribution. Posting extracts from my upcoming book.


With hindsight it was pretty far from the best moment to arrive at the main airport in France that Friday night in November 2005.

It was pouring with rain, and by Saturday 4th, the ninth of unrest and protest, there had been 259 arrests, a dozen men and women had been injured and more than 2,141 vehicles burnt. The suburbs of Paris were ablaze and the fever had spread uncontrollably to Lyon, Strasbourg and Rouen – political mismanagement fueling the rage of the most impoverished of France’s citizens. Cars had been torched and buildings smashed. Riot police moved in, firing rubber bullets and tear gas. Fighting escalated. The rioters grew in number to 400. The Sunday before word spread that a tear-gas canister of the kind used by the police had been thrown on to the doorstep of the Bilal mosque up in northern Paris…


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DisIntegration Experiences: 2

In the coming weeks I am posting extracts from my upcoming book. It’s is about my experiences trying to integrate into different societies.

I convey my journey in countries and societies, based on my perspective and only my own experiences. I communicate my trials and errors of integration to you – without any filters. Welcome enquiring minds and those who want answers. I encourage you to contribute, ask questions and offer your own views. This platform is not complete without your contribution.

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Experiences on Integration: 1

Welcome back to Red Breast’s blog after a long break!! It’s been hot here in Portugal lately – I hope the rest of you are enjoying a more cool summer somewhere out there, even if I doubt it.

News. I am working on a new project – a book. In the coming weeks I will posting extracts here … So stay TUNED!  This book is about my experiences trying to integrate into different societies.

This not an embassy-approved manual of vaccinations needed, nor a best-practices guide of how to hob-knob at a local cocktail party. It lays bare the psychology of being a stranger in a foreign society. All is based on personal observations and experiences without referencing solely previous works, neither statistics nor research.

Who might this be for? For anybody who is interested in understanding what lies beneath the stereotypes of encountering and living in new societies.

I hope this no-nonsense account will give you more perspective of the true values, interests, preferences, strengths and weaknesses of living abroad than a regular travel book. Because the best truth, is what happened.

I lived my first 25 years in Finland, before moving first to The Netherlands, then to the UK and France now Portugal.

Back soon …

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✈Du vill arbeta i Portugal? Vi organiserar allt för dig! ✈

Du har alltid drömt om att åka utomlands för att starta en internationell karriär, men har inte vågat? Det är dags att börja!

Din framtida destination? Lissabon i Portugal!


Upptäck nedan 5 anledningar varför du vill bli medlem i vårt team i Lissabon:

  1. Verkliga karriärutvecklingsmöjligheter inom vårt företag
  2. Orolig för att bo i ett främmande land? Vi tar hand om allt! Vi välkomnar dig på flygplatsen och hjälper dig med alla administrativa förfaranden.
  3. Vi ställer till ditt förfogande en lägenhet
  4. Företaget letar efter svenskar för projekt som Asos, Expedia, E.A Games, SuperCell (Clash Of Clans), etc.
  5. Ta chansen, kom och arbeta för världens största märken och boosta din CV!

Klar för denna nya start?

Skicka ditt CV till tommi.landman@gmail.com

Jag skickar din CV till rekryteringen. De kommer tillbaka direkt till dig om de är intresserade.

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✈Vous souhaitez travailler au Portugal? Nous organisons tout pour vous ! ✈

Vous avez toujours rêvé de partir à l’étranger pour démarrer une carrière à l’international, mais n’avez jamais osé ? C’est le moment de vous lancer!
Votre future destination ?  Lisbonne au Portugal !


Découvrez ci-dessous les 5 raisons qui vous décideront à venir rejoindre notre équipe à Lisbonne :

1 – De réelles opportunités d’évolution de carrière au sein de notre entreprise
2 – Inquiet à l’idée de venir vivre dans un pays étranger ? On s’occupe de tout ! Nous vous accueillons à l’aéroport et vous assistons dans toutes les démarches administratives.
3 – Nous mettons à votre disposition un appartement entièrement équipé

4 – L’entreprise cherche des francophones pour des projets sympas comme Asos, Expedia,  E.A Games, SuperCell, etc
5 – Saisissez l’opportunité de venir travailler pour les plus grandes marques mondiales, et boostez votre CV !

Prêt pour ce nouveau départ ?
Envoyez votre CV à  tommi.landman@gmail.com

Je transmettrai votre CV au recrutement. Ils reviendront vers vous s’ils sont intéressés.

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Weather disasters to impact 2 out of 3 Europeans by 2100

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Be True to Yourself – Speak Up Now

Are you somebody who sits back and says nothing when something really needs to be said? It could be an idea, a suggestion, an observation, a criticism … but for some reason you don’t want to speak up. Well, I was.

Some people might say like staying silent is the wiser choice – and it does apply to some situations.
But there are a few reasons why despite the risk, standing up is a good choice.

‘You must feel the fear and speak your mind anyway. Then act in spite of fear. Act in spite of anything.
So often people sit back and say nothing when something really needs to be said. Speaking up is an important form of honesty – for yourself’



Think about fear. Why are you frightened? Imagine you feel in your guts that you want to say what you think. Say it, and it will bring you relief and release your emotions.
– If you stay silent it is usually taken as if you would agree. And if you don’t say what you wish, what could be further from the truth – it will later frustrate and create resentment in you.

You may not be alone in your thinking. Others may share your thoughts and opinions, but may be also unwilling or fearful to speak up. By speaking your mind you also encourage them to voice their opinions. If you say something that is considered irrelevant and unimportant then you voiced your opinion anyway: and if this is criticized in the group – it is a sign that the dialogue is not open.

Speaking up demonstrates that you will be truthful not only with other people, but with yourself. And when you practice this – it will flow naturally to speak up as your confidence improves, even if you would be an introvert.

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Rutte or Wilders? VOTE NOW.

One Dutch Election the World Will Be Watching…


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Journalists Packaging it All For You – Meet the Press

The world is in chaos, but luckily the all-knowing, wise, reliable, transparent reporter is here to hold your hand.

You don’t even have to think for yourself – they will do it for you. And give you

  • The way you should approach the issue
  • The underlying problems
  • What the solution is

Ain’t that nice.

But hang on…do you think Brexit is working? You can’t mean that surely. And what about Trump?! Get a grip on yourself. You don’t mean to tell me that guy has some point in something he is uttering.

Don’t you dare … you must surely be

  • Combative
  • A Nationalist
  • A Populist
  • Confrontational
  • Anti-EU
  • Anti-Establishment
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The Phenomenon: Trashing Trump

Donald Trump’s stunning win that fateful Tuesday, defying all the estimates – suggested there were was a shift in thinking. 2016 was really a humbling year for the reporter and journalist, and democrat. Predictions were shattered, polls discredited, facts eschewed and rationality dismissed. The elites were seen as self-serving and complacent.

Why do all hate Trump? And if not, they don’t dare speak any good of him.

No one dares publicly to talk any good about him. There are marches against him. The Jewish-American pop singer Madonna said that she could blow up the White House and got into a police investigation. A famous female reporter was fired, when she thought that Trump’s son will be ‘a first homeschool shooter of the US’.

Where does this pathological hate speech stem from?

The opinion of large masses are largely decided by the Western Editor’s Horde of 50 journalist-bureaus. It is, of course, not a conspiracy – but the world philosophy of this reporter type (or race), to which they dedicate their listeners. These reporters do not represent the Average Joe, but are mostly atheistic naturalists, legalizers of drugs, humanists, feminists, pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia, supporters of the sexual revolution, and people opposing the concept of the traditional family.

If you have comments about this phenomenon, please provide it below! Thank you in advance!

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